Creation and Future Legacy of Stockpile Stewardship: Isotope Production, Application, and Consumption

Creation and Future Legacy of Stockpile Stewardship: Isotope Production, Application, and Consumption

Author:  James Hylko & Randell Salyer
ISBN:  9780944838884      ISBN10:  094483888X
Published:  1999 | 285 pp | Softcover

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Table of Contents

Stockpile Stewardship - History, Management, and Safety of Materials

Stockpile Stewardship in the Russian Federation

E. Turpen and S. Kadner

Independent Assessment of the Hazards of Proposed Plutonium Processing Facilities at the Pantex Plant

J.M. Thompson, E.A. Thompson, and I.S. Hamilton

Comparison of Radiation Safety and Nuclear Explosive Safety Disciplines

J.L .Winstanley

Health Implications of Stockpile Stewardship

The NIOSH Health-Related Energy Research Program

D.F. Utterback and L.J. Elliott

Assessment of Exposure to Depleted Uranium During Operation Desert Storm

J.W. Collins, D.P. Alberth, and G. Lodde

Health and Safety Considerations for United States Monitors in the Russian Transparency Program


Isotope Production, Applications, and Safety

Isotope Uses and Production: An International Survey

E. Bertel

Medical Radionuclide Production and Supply: Questions for the Future

K.L. Classic, T.L. Mays, and R.J. Vetter

Radiological Considerations in the Transport, Use, and Acceleration of Isotopes for Radioactive Ion Beams

C.A. Donahue and R.F. Fairchild II

99Mo Isotope Production Preparation at Sandia National Laboratory

M.J. McDonald, S.D. Carson, S.W. Longley, E.J. Parma, and M.E. Vernon

Self-Irradiation Effects on 99Mo for Production of Terminally Sterilized 99mTc Generators at a Major Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

J.R. Laferriere, D.J. Brown, J.F. Josaphat, and F.E. Roy

A New "Dry Column/Wet Column" 99mTc Generator: Benefits and Problems

J.J. Coupal, M.T. Hackett, and W.J. Shih

When Exposure is Good: Recent Advances in the Therapeutic Use of Radiation

T.L. Mays, K.L. Classic, and R.J. Vetter

Analytical Techniques

Combined Standard Uncertainty for Radiochemical Determinations

A. Berne

Data Quality and Tritium Enrichment

M.P. Neary

Determining the Extraction Efficiency for Removing Tritiated Water from Silica Gel Using a Solvent Dilution Technique

M. Ruggieri, M.A. Davi, and H.H. Tran

Tritium Enrichment and Prodution

Tritium Enrichment: Physical Basis and Methods

M. P. Neary

The APT Facility at the Savannah River Site (SRS)

J.G. Angelos and M.R. Buckner

Medical Isotope Production With Accelerator Production of Tritium (APT)

M.R. Buckner, M. Cappiello, E. Pitcher, and H. O'Brien

Hazard Analysis for the High-Power APT Experiments at the LANSCE Accelerator

L.S .Waters

Space Applications

Launch Site Radiological Emergency Response for the Cassini Mission

G.M. Marmaro

Laser Imaging Systems in Support of the Cassini Launch

Randall E. Scott

Health Physics Innovations Developed During Cassini for Future Space Applications

R. Nickell, T. Rutherford, and G. Marmaro

ARAC's Radiological Support of the Cassini launch

R. L. Baskett and J.C. Pace

Sealed Sources, Recycling, and Transmutation

Food Irradiation: A Potential Unwanted Byproduct of Food Irradiation?

D.J. Strom and C.R. Watson

Recycling Hot Lead

J. P. Hageman

Application of Molten Salt Oxidation for the Minimization and Recovery of 238Pu-contaminated Wastes

R. Wishau, A. Montoya, and K.B. Ramsey

Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Research and Development

J. Teague and A. Neuman

Instrumentation, Monitors, and Devices

A New Version of MGA for Highly Attenuated Plutonium Samples

M. Koskelo, A. Savlov, D. Vzorov, and R. Gunnink

Calibration of a Sodium Iodide Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Measuring the Air Kerma Rate Due to 41Ar

R.L. Grasty, B.R.B. Walters, and J.R. Lamarre

Fast Neutron Flux Irradiation Device for a 1-MW TRIGA Research Reactor

M.S. Brightwell and W.D. Reece

Environmental Implications of Stockpile Stewardship

Remediation of a Classified Waste Landfill at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico

D.C. Ward

Geochemical Investigations by the U.S. Geological Survey on Uranium Mining, Milling and Environmental Restoration

E.R. Landa, C.A. Cravotta III, D.L. Naftz, P.L. Vereplanck, D.K. Nordstrom, and R.A. Zielinski

Changes in the Terrestrial Background Radiation Field Over Geologic Time

P.A. Karam

Potential Agricultural Impacts of Accidents at a Proposed Plutonium Process Facility at the Pantex Plant

E.A. Thompson, J.M. Thompson, and I.S. Hamilton

External Regulation of DOE Facilities

Uranium Enrichment in Transition: From a DOE to an NRC Regulatory Environment

O. Cypret

Berkeley Lab Pilot on External Regulation of DOE National Laboratories by the U.S. NRC

G.H. Zeman

Transition Issues for NRC Regulation of Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory

M. Schoonover


The Potential Use of Hot Cell for Netron Sources

K.G. Beinot and N.E. Hertel

The Georgia Institute of Technology High-Dose Gamma Irradiation Facility

D.P. Blaylock and E. Abu-Jawdeh

A Passive Neutron Dosimeter Design and Test

H.R. Vega-Carrillo

Site Characterization at the Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants

C.R. Dulin, J.B. O'Connell, and R.F. Winterfield

Contamination Control During Nuclear Weapons Disassembly

G.W. Britten, W.S. Wilson, and J.B. Martin

Cost Savings to Small-Quantity Generator Sites by Consolidating Transuranic (TRU) Waste for Shipment at Large-Quantity Generator Sites

J.M. Hylko, C.E. Johnson, R. Emons, and M.C. Smith

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