Creation and Future Legacy of Stockpile Stewardship: Isotope Production, Application, and Consumption

Author:  James Hylko & Randell Salyer
ISBN:  9780944838884      ISBN10:  094483888X
Published:  1999 | 285 pp | Softcover

Price:   $ 35.95


Health Physics  |  August 1999

“At first glance, one might assume that this book would be useful only to those health physicists involved in the two relatively narrow fields of stockpile stewardship and isotope production and use. However, this certainly is not the case.

“The book is divided into 10 broad sections based of the following themes of papers: Stockpile Stewardship - History, Management and Safety of Materials; Health Implications of Stockpile Stewardship; Isotope Production, Applications, and Safety; Analytical Techniques; Tritium Enrichment and Production; Space Applications; Sealed Sources, Recycling, and Transmutation; Instrumentation, Monitors, and Devices; Environmental Implications of Stockpile Stewardship; and External Regulation of DOE Facilities. Also presented are the address from the plenary session and the papers from the poster session, resulting in a total of 46 articles.

“The first major portion of the book is devoted to stockpile stewardship issues; that is, issues involving research, maintenance and safety actions associated with nuclear weapons and their components. As health physics issues, these subjects range from radiation and nuclear explosive safety to accident scenarios. The primary themes explored in this section include (1) stockpile stewardship status and related issues in the former Soviet Union (primarily the Russian Federation), (2) environmental monitoring and waste management issues, and (3) programs designed to monitor potential hazards and to ensure worker and public safety during work with stockpile materials.

“The second and largest of the book’s two topics presents articles pertaining to isotope production, applications, and safety. This far-reaching section is not limited strictly to a single area, but instead presents an assortment of subjects covering several major themes. Among them are the following: • medical uses of radioisotopes, with an emphasis on the potential shortage of Tc-99 / Mo- 99 in the near future; • tritium monitoring, analysis, and production, including DOE’s proposed accelerator for the production of tritium project (currently on hold), which would produce tritium for the nation’s defense programs as well as isotopes for other uses; • health physics and emergency response issues resulting from the recent Cassini probe launch.

“Other subjects presented in the book include the NRC’s regulation of DOE facilities, analytical techniques and instrumentation, and a thorough and enjoyable history of HPS midyear symposia and meetings.

“With the breadth of topics presented, health physicists in almost every specialization should find this book an interesting and informative survey of current issues involving the two subjects of stockpile stewardship and isotope production and uses.”

Peter D. Fledderman

Westinghouse Savannah River Site

Aiken, SC 29803