#37 Principles and Practice of Proton Beam Therapy, AAPM Monograph, 2015 Summer School

#37 Principles and Practice of Proton Beam Therapy, AAPM Monograph, 2015 Summer School

Author:  Indra J. Das and Harald Paganetti, Editors
ISBN:  9781936366439
Published:  June 2015 | 828 pp. | Hardcover

Price:   $ 145.00


Table of Contents


2015 AAPM Summer School

Chapter 1
Introduction and History of Proton Therapy
Indra J. Das and Harald Paganetti

Chapter 2
The Practicing Clinician's Perspective on Proton Beam Therapy
Anthony Zietman

Chapter 3
Proton Beam Interactions: Basic
Hugo Palmans

Chapter 4
Proton Beam Interactions: Clinical
Indra J. Das, Alejandro Mazal, Ludovic De Marzi, and Vadim Moskvin

Chapter 5
Proton Relative Biological Effectiveness
Harald Paganetti

Chapter 6
Proton Beam Production and Dose Delivery Techniques
Marco Schippers

Chapter 7
Imaging for Proton Therapy
Katja Langen, Jerimy Polf, and Reinhard Schulte

Chapter 8
Field Shaping: Scattered Beam
Alejandro Mazal, Annalisa Patriarca, Claas Wessels, and Indra J. Das

Chapter 9
Field Shaping: Scanning Beam
X. Ronald Zhu, Falk Poenisch, Heng Li, Xiaodong Zhang,Narayan Sahoo, and Michael Gillin

Chapter 10
Secondary Radiation Production and Shielding for Proton Therapy Facilities
Nisy Elizabeth Ipe and C. Sunil

Chapter 11
Detector Systems
Stanislav Vatnitsky and Hugo Palmans

Chapter 12
Dosimetry and Beam Calibration
Hugo Palmans and Stanislav Vatnitsky

Chapter 13
Acceptance Testing of Proton Therapy Systems
Jonathan B. Farr and Jon J. Kruse

Chapter 14
Clinical Commissioning of Proton Beam
Lei Dong

Chapter 15
Quality Assurance, Part 1: Machine Quality Assurance
Bijan Arjomandy

Chapter 16
Quality Assurance, Part 2: Patient-specific Quality Assurance
Bijan Arjomandy, Mark Pankuch, and Brian Winey

Chapter 17
Proton Therapy Workflow
Martijn Engelsman, Juliane Daartz, and James E. McDonough

Chapter 18
Immobilization and Simulation
Jon J. Kruse

Chapter 19
Dose Calculations for Proton Beam Therapy: Semi-empirical Analytical Methods
Radhe Mohan, X. Ronald Zhu, and Harald Paganetti

Chapter 20
Dose Calculations for Proton Beam Therapy: Monte Carlo
Harald Paganetti, Jan Schuemann, and Radhe Mohan

Chapter 21
Uncertainties in Proton Therapy: Their Impact and Management
Radhe Mohan and Narayan Sahoo

Chapter 22
Treatment Plan Optimization in Proton Therapy
Jan Unkelbach, David Craft, Bram L. Gorissen, and Thomas Bortfeld

Chapter 23
Treatment Planning for Passive Scattering Proton Therapy
Heng Li, Annelise Giebeler, Lei Dong, Xiaodong Zhang, Falk Poenisch, Narayan Sahoo, Michael T. Gillin, and X. Ronald Zhu

Chapter 24
Treatment Planning for Pencil Beam Scanning
Tony Lomax, Alessandra Bolsi, Francesca Albertini, and Damien Weber

Chapter 25
Motion Management
Antje Knopf and Shinichiro Mori

Chapter 26
Monitor Unit (MU) Calculation
Timothy C. Zhu, Haibo Lin, and Jiajian Shen

Chapter 27
Small Field Dosimetry: SRS and Eyes
Brian Winey and Marc Bussiere

Chapter 28
In Vivo Dosimetry for Proton Therapy
Narayan Sahoo, Archana Singh Gautam, Falk Poenisch, X. Ronald Zhu, Heng Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Richard Wu, Sam Beddar, and Michael T. Gillin

Nomenclature and Terminology in Proton Therapy
Radhe Mohan and Harald Paganetti