University Health Physics (HPS 2003  S.S.)

University Health Physics (HPS 2003 S.S.)

Author:  Richard Belanger and Patrick J. Papin, editors (Health Physics Society)
ISBN:  9781930524156      ISBN10:  1930524153
Published:  2003 | 408 pp | Hardcover

Price:   $ 60.00


Table of Contents

Instrumentation, Calibration, and Measurements, Robert Haliburton

External Radiation Dosimetry, James E. Turner

Development and Implementation of an Internal Radiation Safety Program for Academic and Biomedical Institutions, Clayton French, Kenneth Skrable, Mark Tries, David Medich, and William Lorenzen

Accelerators: Types, Principles, and Uses, Frank Harmon

Accelerators: Operational Safety and Dosimetry, Richard R. Brey

Accelerators: Radiation Fields and Shielding, Vashek Vylet

An Operational Guide to Laser Safety in a University Setting, Dewey D. Sprague

Implementation Guidance for the New 10 CFR Part 35 Regulatory Landscape: SNM/ACNP Guide for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine, Jeffrey A. Siegel

Operational Issues Associated with the Medical Use of Radiopharmaceuticals and Brachytherapy, Victoria Morris

Radiation Protection for Intravascualr Brachytherapy Applications, Peter G. Vernig

The Role of the Health Physicist in Human Biomedical Research, Marcia B. Hartman

Licensing and Logistics of Radiation Safety Oversight of Remote Locations, Sandy O'Brien
Control and Disposition of Sealed Sources: Considerations for a Campus Setting, J. Andrew Tompkins

Qualification Standards for the Position of Radiation Safety Officer Within Healthcare Facilities and Universities, Carolyn Owen

Performance-Based Radiation Safety Program Reviews, Gerry D. Westcott

Radioactive Material Security in a Research and Medical Environment, P. Andrew Karam

Integrating Radiation Safety with Institutional Risk Management and Insurance Programs, Robert Emery and Bruce Brown

Organizational Approaches to Campus Health Physics Programs, James F. Schweitzer

Integration of Safety Programs: The Departmental Safety Advisor Concept, Gerry D. Westcott

Effectively "Selling" Your Campus Radiation Safety Program, Robert Emery