#36 Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy: Learning the New Approaches in Task Group 100 and Beyond

#36 Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy: Learning the New Approaches in Task Group 100 and Beyond

Author:  Bruce R. Thomadsen, Peter Dunscombe, Eric Ford, Saiful Huq, Todd Pawlicki, Steven Sutlief, editors
ISBN:  9781888340495
Published:  2013 June | 388 pp.  | Hardcover

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Table of Contents


List of Contributors

Chapter 1 Introduction to Quality
Peter Dunscombe, Suzanne Evans, and Jeff Williamson

Chapter 2 Work System Design and Culture
Jennifer L. Johnson, Barrett Caldwell, and Suzanne Evans

Chapter 3 Actions, Failures, and Guidance
Bruce Thomadsen, Derek Brown, Peter Dunscombe, and Zoubir Ouhib

Chapter 4 Risk Assessment Using the TG–100 Methodology
Bruce Thomadsen, Derek Brown, Eric Ford, M. Saiful Huq, and Frank Rath

Chapter 5 Quality Management in Radiation Oncology
Eric Ford, Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, Luis Fong de los Santos, Frank Rath, George Sherouse, Jatinder Palta, Bruce Thomadsen, and Ellen Yorke

Chapter 6 Reporting Systems
Steven Sutlief, Barrett Caldwell, Peter Dunscombe, and Sasa Mutic

Chapter 7 Quality Improvement Paradigms
Steven Sutlief, Luis Fond de los Santos, and Todd Pawlicki

Chapter 8 Information Management
Derek Brown, Eric Ford, A. J. Mundt, Sasa Mutic, and Todd Pawlicki

Chapter 9 Radiation Therapy Quality Management Programs
Bruce Thomadsen, Ellen Yorke, Jeffrey Williamson, Jatinder Palta, Saiful Huq, Geoffrey Ibbott, and Sasa Mutic

Practice Exercises Based on the Book’s Key Concepts
1: Work Systems Design
2: Taxonomy
3: Process Mapping
4: Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
5: Fault Tree Analysis
6a: Checklist Development
6b: Procedure Drafting
7: Quality Management Design
8: Reporting Systems
9: Root Cause Analysis
10: Error Proofing
11: The Use of Control Charts