Instrumentation, Measurements and Electronic Dosimetry

Instrumentation, Measurements and Electronic Dosimetry

Author:  (HPS Midyear 2000)
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Published:  2000 | 271 pp | Softcover

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Table of Contents

Laboratory Use

Dose Calibrator Assay of Preloaded Magazines for Prostate Brachytherapy K.L. Classic and A.D. Amundson

Development of a Scintillating Optical Fiber Based Radon Detector E.A. Christman, I.S. Kim and A. Appleby

Aerosol Dispersion Measurements in Enclosed Atmospheres E. Sajo

Analysis of Small Sample Geometry for Concurrent Identification and Quantification of Mixed-Nuclide Samples K.V. Krieger and I.S. Hamilton

Implementation and Testing of the New Collimator Algorithm in ISOCS (In Situ Object Calibration Software) R. Venkataraman and F. Bronson

Additional Details for "Improved Derivation of Results of D.E. Allen: Two-Count Method for Stripping Short-Lived Activity Out of an Air Sample" W.E. Potter

Survey Protocols

Software Application for the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) E.W. Abelquist and T.J. Bauer

The UITraR System: A Three-Dimensional Tracking System for Radiation Surveys R.R. Highfill

Site Characterization

Site Characterization Using the Global Positioning Radiometric Scanner System K.C. Wright, F.L. Webber, and C.M. Hiaring

A MARSSIM-Based Release of a Radiological Facility on the Hanford Site Using Advanced Data-Logging Instruments G.M. Ceffalo, D.H. Denham, and S.R. Reed

Radiological Measurements at Superfund Sites A. Fellman and S. McNulty

Use of Global Positioning Systems for Accelerated Independent Verification of Cleanup at a Superfund Site P.V. Egidi, M.K. Jensen, A.R. Jones, M.J. Wilson-Nichols, S.M. Smith, G.A. Pierce, and J.L. Zutman

Electronic Dosimetry

Audio, Video and Dosimetric Control System W.C. Peoples

Field Use

Misconceptions and Portable Radiation Detection Instrument Training T.E. Johnson

Instrumentation Selection for the Detection of Radiological Sources of Potential Exposure or Contamination R.A. Reyes, A.L. Scott, G.A. Falo, D. Collins, F. Szrom, and J.W. Collins

Field Comparison of Electret Ion Chambers and Thermoluminescent Dosimeters at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) D.H. Kraig and W.A. Treadway

Readiness Issues for Emergency Response Instrumentation C.A. Riland, R.J. Tighe, and D.R. Bowman

The Effect of Signal Processing Data Collection Efficiencies in Field Surveys C.M. Marianno and K.A. Higley

Improvements in Data Collection and Documentation for Remote or Unattended Air Monitoring Applications F.M. Gavila


Likelihood of Scrap Monitors to Detect Steel Contaminated at the Levels Proposed in Draft NUREG-1640 A. LaMastra

Radiation Instrument Training for New RSOs - Defending the Quality of Measurements R.H. Johnson, Jr.

Software to Aid in the Standardization and Use of Instrument Detection Limits P.R. Steinmeyer and R. Smola

Hercules and Wand: High-Sensitivity Waste Assay Systems for Verification of Low-Density Clean Waste at LANL S.C. Myers

Primary and Secondary Standards and Traceability

Overview of IL Calibration Facility R.A. Lommler

Records Management

U.S. Air Force Radioactive Materials Management Information Systems J.L. Coleman

An Integrated Approach to Surveys and Monitoring with a Computer Software Program for a Complex Health Physics Program G. Roberts

Database System for Management of Health Physics and Industrial Hygiene Records B.T. Murdoch, J.A. Blomquist, R.H. Cooke, J.T. Davis, T.M. Davis, E.H. Dolecek, L. Halka-Peel, D. Johnson, D.N. Keto, L.R. Reyes, R.A. Schlenker and J.L. Woodring

How to Make Your Environmental Survey Reports Acceptable for Regulatory Agency Concurrence P.M. Leinwander and V. Deinnocentiis


Calibration and Measurement - Is There a Connection? G.R. Komp

The Standardization of Airborne Gamma Ray Surveys R.L. Grasty

A Summary and Status of Traceability to National Standards for 252CF Used at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory R.K. Piper, M.K. Murphy, J.E. Tanner, A.K. Thompson, and R.B. Schwartz

Poster Session

Comparison of Excitation Sources for Portable XRF Devices Relative to Operator Dose Considerations T. Hazlett, D. Eames, J. Hazlett, and D. Dunn

Field Experience of Using E-PERMR Integrating Electret Ion Chambers for Monitoring Perimeter Gamma Radiation Levels P. Kotrappa and L.R. Stieff

Real Time 3H Monitoring of Effluent Air from a Radiosynthesis Laboratory M.L. Maiello and P. Linsalata

Advanced Characterization System for D&D and Remedial Action Implementation G.M. Ceffalo and D.H. Denham

Site Characterization at the Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants C.R. Dulin, J.B. O'Connell, and R.F. Winterfield

An Automated Tritium-in-Breath Monitor R.A. Surette, M.J. Wood, L. McNelles, J.Sarkar, and A. Dearham


Implementing the Final Status Survey Approach in Draft Regulatory Guide DG-4006 S.A. McGuire

Visual Sample Plan (VSP) Software J. Wilson and J. Davidson

Overview of the Jefferson Lab Machine Protection Beam Loss Monitors J.L. Coleman and K.L. Mahoney

Electronic Dosimetry Development S. Lopez

Evaluation of the ELD Dosimeter from RADOS F.J. Mis and E. Eaton

Issues and Results: Performance Testing the MGP Instruments Model DMC 2000 to Criteria from National and International Standards M.L. Johnson

Shallow Dose Measurements Using Electronic Dosimeters: How and Why? F.P. Straccia

Real-Time Neutron Dosimetry Utilizing the Siemens EPD J. Coleman, R. Fletcher, and R. Palatine

Extension of the Bonner Sphere System V. Vylet, T.T. Yoshizumi, and R.E. Reiman

Photon Measurements in the Presence of R/F Fields T. Krivan

Thermal Effects of High Energy Electron Beam Interaction with Materials and Structures P.V. Degtiarenko

National Standards for X- and Gamman-Ray Instrument Calibrations B.M. Coursey, P.J. Lamperti, M.J. O'Brien, A. Readshaw, S.M. Seltzer, and J. Shobe

FDA X-ray Calibration Laboratory: Traceability to National Standards H.T. Heaton

Implementation of National Standards at the AAPM & HPS Accredited Calibration Laboratory T.W. Slowey

Proficiency Testing of Personnel Dosimeters at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory J.C. McDonald, R.A. Fox, and R.K. Piper

NIST Facilities for Calibrating Intravascular Brachytherapy Sources C.G. Soares, M.G. Mitch, B.M. Coursey, and S.M. Seltzer

Radiation Document Control at Jefferson Lab R.A. Nevarez

Records Management J. Forbes

Validation of the Accuracy of the LABSOCS (Laboratory Sourceless Calibration Software) Mathematical Efficiency Calibration Programs for GE Detectors in the Counting Laboratory F. Bronson and R. Venkataraman

Automation Design for Portable Instrument Calibration Programs W.H. Wilkie

A Neutron Detector Based on Prompt Gamma Spectroscopy F. Ghanbari and A. Mohagheghi

Adaptation of the Eberline AMS-4 Noble Gas Monitor for Use with Accelerator Produced Positron Emitting Gases K.B. Welch

Characterization of a New Neutron Calibration Range using a "SNOOPY" and MCNP S.O. Schwahn and P.V. Degtiarenko

A Real Time Neutron Monitor for Testing the Integrity of Shielding R.H. Seefred

Effect of Successful ALARA Program on Precision and Accuracy of TLD/SRD Dose Reporting R.A. Greenwood, J.M Priest, and J.L. Scott

Improving Gross Alpha/Beta Counter Throughout with Count to MDA and Windowless Detectors J. Sonewald, G. Watson, T. Hill, and P. Cole

The Use of Neutron Spectrometer to Establish Neutron Personnel Dosimetry Facility Correction Factors T.R. Sullivan

Jefferson Lab Reliability Based Design Methods for Accelerator Safety Systems K.L. Mahoney

Jefferson Lab Fast Ion Chambers D. Dotson and K.L. Mahoney

Dark Aging of the Jefferson Lab Machine Protection Beam Loss Monitors J.Coleman and K.L. Mahoney