Instrumentation, Measurements and Electronic Dosimetry

Author:  (HPS Midyear 2000)
ISBN:  9780944838938      ISBN10:  0944838936
Published:  2000 | 271 pp | Softcover

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Radiation Protection Dosimetry  |  Vol. 88, No. 4 (2000)

“Do not be misled by the above title of these proceedings into expecting to find papers on dosimetry. The first page of the proceedings gives the different title of ‘Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry’. Although this title more accurately reflects the contents, out of a total of 31 full papers there is only one on electronic dosimetry, whilst the abstracts only are given for another 5 electronic dosimetry papers.

“The section headings and the number of papers in these sections, in brackets are: Laboratory use (6), Survey protocols (2), Site characterisation (4), Electronic dosimetry (1), Field use (6), QA/QC (4), Primary and secondary standards and traceability (1), Records management, (4); Calibration (3).

“The proceedings include a further 6 papers from the meetings Poster Session and 30 Abstracts.

“The papers obviously describe health physics practice in the US so data is presented in the non-SI units of Ci and R.h-1. Although this may be of some comfort to the older generation of health physicists, it is perhaps a sad reflection that 15 years after ICRU recommended their new measurements quantities having SI units there is still not world wide adoption of these basic quantities and units.

“In spite of these limitations the proceedings contain many interesting papers on new instrumentation and survey techniques. There are papers on the use of satellite global positioning devices for radiation surveys of sites. This is somewhat unique to the very much geographically larger sites in the US.

I.M.G. Thompson

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